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Seven Souls
WARNING:  This fic contains spoilers for Undertale.  Proceed with caution if you have not yet played the game.
The chains were hardly necessary.  The monsters had surrendered, turning over their weapons and submitting to the will of their captors, not even raising a hand or paw or talon in defense as the human soldiers rounded them up.  And many of them were too weak to fight back, wounded or just plain exhausted from combat.  But humanity’s innate distrust of their kind won out, and the dozen or so captives being herded into the throne room moved only with difficulty, weighed down by iron links and shackles that clattered with every step.
King Charlimane regarded the motley collection of beasts with a calculating eye as he reclined on his ivory-and-bronze throne.  As always, he could barely hide his contempt of these creatures – twisted and unnatural, some resembling animals that walked upright as if hoping to ape human behavior, others
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The Frost Queen Part 3
Ben woke up to find himself staring into a pair of emerald eyes – not just emerald in color, but faceted like a cut gemstone.  Anyone else might have screamed in terror and bolted for the nearest window, or even taken a swing at the insectoid face that gazed down at them.  But Ben had woken up to far stranger sights, and so even before the memory of the last twenty-four hours clicked back into place, he just stared back at the compound eyes that regarded him with fascination.
Aurora fanned her wings softly, sending a strangely dusty scent into his nostrils.  “Abru.”
“Good morning,” Ben croaked, smacking his mouth a little to get rid of the morning dryness.  “Looks like you’re an early riser.  That stinks – I was hoping you’d sleep in.”
She chittered softly and sat back on her haunches on his chest.  Despite being the size of a small child, she weighed very little, as if her bones were hollow like
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Sparks Among the Stars - Part I
Luke Skywalker had never been this far from the homestead before… and perhaps another farmboy might have been excited by this knowledge.  Instead he felt only disgust.  It wasn’t as if he were going someplace truly exotic, as the major cities on Tatooine (if such a backwater world could even have major cities) didn’t differ much from one another.  And when most young men his age had been offworld at least once, saying that you’d taken a day trip to Mos Eisley seemed pretty pathetic in comparison.
All this he kept to himself as he walked after Owen Lars, doing his best to school his face into an expression that was, if not excited, at least somewhat neutral.  Uncle Owen was doing him a great favor taking him this far to buy a new vehicle – he didn’t want to seem TOO ungrateful by sulking the entire way.
“Remember, don’t make eye contact with anyone except the seller,” Owen advised, sidestepping to ensure his credi
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The Frost Queen Part 2
Ben wasn’t sure which was going to be worse – explaining to Azmuth that the Necrofriggian hatchling they’d rescued was his own child, or explaining to his parents that they were grandparents to an alien baby.  The former would probably deliver a scathing (and boring) lecture on personal responsibility and keeping better track of his own spawn – never mind that he hadn’t exactly had control over THAT situation.  The latter… well, saying that they wouldn’t take it as well as Grandpa Max had was probably a bit of an understatement.  If they didn’t have a stroke over the news, he’d probably end up grounded or worse.
For the moment, he was content to take sanctuary at the Plumber base instead of breaking the news to either party.  At least everyone here seemed to accept what had happened – they’d all seen far stranger over the years.  
“She’s actually really adorable,” Gwen noted wit
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Nexus Point Part 1-16
The crash of crystal blades slamming into each other echoed through the training room, spraying sparks of ruby and emerald in all directions.  Red and green light flashed and glinted on armor as the combatants slashed and parried, ducked and feinted, their weapons glowing with such intensity that they cut brilliant arcs of light with every swing.  Each blow of crystal on crystal resounded with such force that it was a wonder neither weapon shattered into a rain of jeweled shards.
The handful of mechs that had come here to sharpen their own combat skills had laid down their weapons to watch the show, some in awe and others hastily laying down bets on the outcome.  No one had ever seen a Blade in action before, and though this battle was simply a practice round and cast on a much smaller scale than they’d anticipated, it was still a spectacle no one wanted to miss.  Especially given that one of the combatants in particular was given to some rather theatrical ant
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Sparks Among the Stars - Prologue
Before our time began… there was the Cube.
We know not where it comes from – only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life.  That is how our race was born.  For a time, we lived in harmony.  But like all great power, some wanted it for good… others for evil.
And so began the war – a war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death… and the Cube was lost to the far reaches of space.
We scattered across the cosmos, hoping to find it and rebuild our lost home.  Searching every star, every world… and just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called… Tatooine.
But… we were already too late.

Twin suns shone down on an endless ocean of rolling dunes with pitiless clarity, illuminating the red-gold sands and hard blue sky with such brilliance it was difficult to look at either for too long.  Heat rippled the horizon in all direction
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The Frost Queen Part 1
At a time when aliens not only walked the surface of Earth, but were an accepted fact of life, rickety carnivals like Llewelynn and Sons’ Festival of Oddities were a dying breed, clawing and gasping for their final breaths in a world growing immune to their charms.  Gone were the days when the curiosities hidden in its wagons could stun and woo the crowds in New York and Chicago – progress and political correctness had long barred the carnival from the major cities.  Now its only lifeblood was the small towns and backwoods settlements, where those sheltered from the outside world could still be amazed at sights like a two-headed calf, a half-spider half-monkey beast, or a child with butterfly wings and jewel-like eyes.
Perhaps that was for the best, Ben Tennyson thought as he hunkered down behind a rotting log and studied the carnival as it set camp for the night.  There was a time when he might have joined the crowds in gawking at some bizarre creature, sent
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Magic and Steel Epilogue
Prime really didn’t want Merlin to leave.  From the beginning he had known he wouldn’t be staying at the Autobot base forever, and that the presence of a wizard didn’t necessarily mean protection from more malicious magic-users.  He had been proof of that… though letting his thoughts linger on that for too long still made him uncomfortable.
But some part of him wanted to convince Merlin to stay aboard the Ark anyhow.  And at least it seemed like he wasn’t alone in that respect.  What seemed like half of his forces stationed here on Earth had gathered at the doors of the Ark to wish the old wizard goodbye.  His allies had long since departed, vanishing as quickly as they’d arrived, but it seemed Merlin wanted a proper farewell and not to simply fade into thin air.
“Aw man, are you sure you have to go?”  Wheeljack sounded less like a highly accomplished engineer and more like a whiny sparkling.  “We
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Magic and Steel Part 21
Elita found Optimus Prime high up on a ledge on the side of Mount St. Hillary, legs hanging over the edge, gaze fixed on the fiery sunset that closed this eventful day.  He didn’t turn to acknowledge her as she settled down beside him, simply continued to stare out at the horizon.  His hand did move, however, reaching out to wrap around hers and squeeze gently.
“I missed you.”  The words were faint, but resonated in her spark nonetheless.  “Not a day went by when I did not wish you could be at my side.  I hate this war for many reasons… but the fact that it separates us is one of the most galling.”
“I missed you too, Optimus.”  She slid closer to him, taking comfort in the contact of his broad shoulder pressed against hers.  “I’m just glad I can see you again.  Even in circumstances this strange.”
They were silent a long time, gazing over the landscape that spread out from the foot
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Magic and Steel Part 20
“What IS that old goat doing?  Can’t he see we’re in the middle of a crisis?”
“Calm down, Merriweather,” Flora advised.  “I know we’re all on edge at the moment…”
“There’s an understatement,” muttered Mama Odie.
“But getting upset with each other will do nothing to make the situation better,” Flora finished, raising an eyebrow at the voodoo queen.
“He got us into this mess!” Merriweather retorted.  “He should at least be doing something about it!  Not standing there falling asleep standing up!”
“Oh dear, please don’t fight,” Fauna urged, patting Merriweather’s arm.  “You know it upsets me.”
“Then get upset for all I care!” Merriweather snapped, throwing her arms into the air.  “Am I the only one here who cares that innocent people are getting hurt by Maleficent out there?”
“We al
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Nexus Point Part 1-15
There’s no way in Hell any of the other Blades are having a worse training session than me.  Spencer had been thinking that for the past half-hour, and he was fully willing to lay down money on that mental bet.  
“Well, this is a problem,” Skywarp observed, sounding far too cheerful for the Blade’s tastes.  “Don’t worry, though, Hook’s on his way with his team.  He’s got this.”
“That doesn’t really reassure me,” Spencer groaned.
Under normal circumstances, Spencer tried to keep an upbeat attitude about things.  He liked to think he wasn’t naïve – he was a New Yorker, naïveté kind of fell by the wayside once you’d lived in that city for very long – but for the most part he tried to look at life with an optimistic mindset.  Setbacks happened, but you worked around and through them rather than letting them rule your life.  And while getti
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 2 11
Magic and Steel Part 19
Starscream scowled as he watched Maleficent hover over the battlefield, a gloating smile on her face.  She was such an easy target there… it would only take one blast of his null rays to immobilize her and send her plummeting to the seething horde below.  Obedient to her the Heartless might be, but somehow he doubted that they would pass up the opportunity to tear fresh prey apart, especially as crazed as they seemed to be at the moment.  Too bad she was probably shielded at the moment.
Shouldn’t it be working by now? he thought, narrowing his optics.  He was no expert at fae biology (if you could even call the inner workings of a creature of magic biological), but if she was really so susceptible to iron, shouldn’t she be showing signs of ingesting it?  If the stuff burned her on contact, then surely having it rattling through her systems couldn’t be good…
Starscream, report.
He snarled and fired off a curt reply.
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 2 17
Domovoi Epilogue
One year later…
It was a scene straight out of a travel brochure – a white-gold beach gleaming beneath a brilliant sun, turquoise waves foaming over the sand, gulls and crabs dotting the sands while a breaching whale burst from the sea.  Before the Kaiju War this would have been a slice of paradise… and a highly coveted piece of real estate.  During the war it would be seen as a death trap, deceptively beautiful but vulnerable in the event of a creature of the Breach making landfall.
To a select group of warriors, both human and mechanical, it was a welcome respite, a rare moment of sanctuary from a chaotic world.
“Papa, Papa, we found another!”
Aleksis had been laying back in a reclining beach chair, the warm sun and the rhythmic hissing and sighing of the surf lulling him into a doze, but he raised his head to look at Cherno.  The little Jaeger stood beside him, sandy up to the elbows and knees, beaming with pride as he cuppe
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Domovoi Part 34
Coyote Tango’s words sent the LOCCENT in a frenzy of activity.  Technicians whooped and cheered, throwing their arms in the air or around each other’s shoulders, delirious with relief and excitement.  Bishop covered her face with her hands and promptly broke down sobbing, while a younger tech pulled a bottle of cheap champagne out of a console – doubtless stowed away for just such an occasion – and broke it open in a fountain of foam.  Even Hannibal smiled, though Tendo thought it looked more like a smug smirk than anything truly happy.
Tendo, for his part, let the stern face of leadership drop for a moment, laughing and exchanging high-fives and hugs with his fellow tech monkeys.  It was over… and they’d won.  Humanity was safe again, at least for the time being.
His jubilation was tempered by a pang of loss, however.  For their victory had not come without cost – Crimson Typhoon was still
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 1 19
Domovoi Part 33
Scunner’s head had just dropped down to its chest, its good eye sliding shut as it dozed off, when a Jaeger hobbled over the rise.  The kaiju’s eye flew open, and it raised its head with a guttural howl.  The other kaiju echoed the cry, and Scunner pushed itself to its feet and loped after the wounded mecha.  Its right arm terminated in a ragged stump, and it limped badly as it turned to flee before the Category 4.  If Scunner’s brain were complex enough to allow it to think beyond basic pre-programmed instincts, it might have smugly told itself easy pickings.
It crested the rise and moved to leap at Gipsy… only for a bladed arm to catch it in the gut.  Scunner’s mortal scream was cut off by a second blade to the throat, and Brawler sliced its neck while Striker opened the monster from chest to groin with a brutal slash of his arm.
Two down, Brawler noted with relief.  That takes care of Scunner and Razorback,
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Domovoi Part 32
Striker could think of a multitude of things to say regarding their situation at the moment, all of them some degree of profane and more than one using Lightcap’s name in some manner that would turn her bright red.  He kept them to himself, though, and focused on launching missile after missile at the massive bulk of Armada.  A long list of expletives might make him feel better in the short term, but would do little against the kaiju unless they suddenly developed a crippling weakness to profanity.
Armada howled again as five of the six missiles he’d launched so far met their marks, blasting blue-tinged craters out of its gray flesh.  It shook itself like a dog and leveled a glare at Striker, lashing all three of its tails in fury.
“I think that just pissed it off,” Chuck noted.
Ya think? Striker retorted.  Gipsy, keep firin’!
I’m running out of power!
she protested.  I can’t keep this up much longer!
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 3 7

Random Favourites

Peace Through Tyranny - Chapter 1
“Can we hear another story, please!”
“Yes! Tell us about a time where you went off world by yourself! Without asking!!”
Kup couldn’t help but feel a pang of shame and regret for the sparklings, but hid it under a smile. “Oh, you’re pulling my leg. See? Look,” he pulled at his own leg and made the little group of sparklings laugh, “It was a long time ago, and I wanted to go see this new planet…”
Skywarp hitched his wings up a little higher. He remembered being able to go off Cybertron. He glanced over towards the grouping of sparklings that Kup was tending to. He was currently helping clean up the area, someplace akin to a nursery or day care, and almost wished he hadn’t been assigned to it.
“I’m gonna take a quick break here,” he called out, and one of the others that was cleaning up the area, Blast Off, held his hand up in acknowledgement. Skywarp hurried outside and then plunked down onto a benc
:iconbasslineraver:BasslineRaver 3 1
Show Time by YAMsgarden Show Time :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 3,088 215 van Gogh Never Saw The Last by sagittariusgallery van Gogh Never Saw The Last :iconsagittariusgallery:sagittariusgallery 257 11 Blitzwing by Grimmstein Blitzwing :icongrimmstein:Grimmstein 146 7 Shockwave by Grimmstein Shockwave :icongrimmstein:Grimmstein 154 4 Soundwave TFP by Grimmstein Soundwave TFP :icongrimmstein:Grimmstein 302 11 PUZZLE! by Grimmstein PUZZLE! :icongrimmstein:Grimmstein 512 30 TFA - Them giant seeker twins by Rosey-Raven TFA - Them giant seeker twins :iconrosey-raven:Rosey-Raven 205 21 Soundwave Superior. by zibanitu6969 Soundwave Superior. :iconzibanitu6969:zibanitu6969 638 53 starscream by zibanitu6969 starscream :iconzibanitu6969:zibanitu6969 1,087 51 Optic Candy by Kenai-Okami75 Optic Candy :iconkenai-okami75:Kenai-Okami75 182 50 grillby by eridamn grillby :iconeridamn:eridamn 118 3 [SPOILERS?] In this world it's stack or be stacked by zarla [SPOILERS?] In this world it's stack or be stacked :iconzarla:zarla 5,081 913 Only by three pixels!! by zarla Only by three pixels!! :iconzarla:zarla 3,814 212 Shiny Ponymon #2 by BrownieComicWriter Shiny Ponymon #2 :iconbrowniecomicwriter:BrownieComicWriter 38 1 My Little Ponymon - Fluttershy by BrownieComicWriter My Little Ponymon - Fluttershy :iconbrowniecomicwriter:BrownieComicWriter 111 11



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The 2017 Book Challenge -- Progress, Reviews, and Suggestions  mmmm books... 

Tales From the Shelves -- my book-sporking blog  Now sporking Revealing Eden!

Still poking at the next chapter of Sparks Among the Stars.  I need to track down and watch the deleted scenes from A New Hope before I progress too much further.  Yes, there are deleted scenes from the first Star Wars film, mostly dealing with Luke hanging out with his friends on Tatooine and fleshing out his friendship with Biggs Darklighter, one of the pilots who died in the attack on the Death Star.  I know I play fast and loose with continuity at the best of times, but I do want to get a feel for these characters before I write them, even if they never showed up in the film proper.

I know, I worry about staying true to the Star Wars canon but intend to ignore most of the live-action Transformers franchise as I write.  :giggle:  In my defense, I think most people aren't going to complain if I'm more of a stickler about the Star Wars details than about the TF details.  Plus it's been a long time since I've written a Star Wars fic and I know I've gotten rusty -- I want to be sure I'm not screwing up too much along the way.

Will try to get a sporking post done this weekend.  And since this weekend is a holiday weekend and the library's closed on Monday, I have an extra day to keep that promise.  :giggle:

FINALLY got around to watching Pete's Dragon this week.  Is it terrible that I kind of prefer the cheesy '70s version of this film to the new one?  Despite the updated special effects and the cutting out of the songs, the new one feels curiously bland compared to the original, and barely even follows the story of the first film.  Heck, I even found myself missing the goofy over-the-top characters and the corny songs of the first one -- we don't even get an updated version of "Candle On the Water" in the end credits (though one shows up on the soundtrack despite not being in the film itself).  The new one wasn't a BAD movie, just kind of unmemorable in my opinion.

Despite not attending any big conventions this year, I find myself keeping tabs on a few of them... and lately I've been casting the stink-eye on HasCon, Hasbro's replacement for BotCon and JoeCon.  It seems instead of hosting separate conventions for each of its franchises, Hasbro decided it would be easier (and probably more profitable) to lump them all into one big convention.  So HasCon will not only cover Transformers and GI Joe, but My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Beyblade, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, NERF, Play-Doh, and who knows what else.  And from the look of the website it's mostly going to be aimed at kids and families rather than nerds and adult collectors.

I was reluctant to attend this convention but curious to see how it would turn out... but now that they're making announcements regarding this convention, I have less hope that it's going to be much of a success, at least for the usual BotCon and JoeCon crowd.  

For one thing, ticket prices are pretty high.  I know BotCon ticket prices were going through the roof by the time it was finally discontinued, but I don't recall them ever being THIS bad.  A single-day pass is $60, while a three-day pass is $165, and "youth" passes go for $30 and $75 respectively.  Also "youth" means "3 and up," which means families hoping to attend are going to shell out a BIG chunk of change.  Seriously, is a 3-year-old even going to get $30 worth of enjoyment out of this con?

That's not even counting the VIP passes, which are $600.  Yikes... And you don't even get exclusive figures with it -- you do apparently get a "goodie bag" but who knows what's in it.  I know Golden Primus tickets hit $600 in BotCon's final years but at least the Primus packages were slightly cheaper and actually came with exclusive figures...

There's also the announcement that you're not allowed to bring your own stuff for the special guests to sign -- you have to purchase special memorabilia beforehand for the guest to autograph.  So if you were hoping for Peter Cullen to sign your G1 Optimus Prime or Stan Lee to sign your Spiderman comic, you're out of luck.  And while getting high-profile guests like Stan Lee, Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, and Andrea Libman is probably a draw, some of their choices for "special guests" are pretty questionable.  Is anyone going to want to meet the "VP of Global Brand Strategy" or the "Product Design Manager?"  And since when was the Chewbacca Mom considered enough of a celebrity to consider her a potential con guest?

I was already not terribly enthusiastic about HasCon, and had no plans to attend the event -- why pay that much when I'm only interested in two of the properties being featured, after all?  But the more I hear about it, the more I realize I miss BotCon.  Yes, it had its issues and people were getting fed up with it by the time it met its demise, but this time Hasbro's not even trying to hide the corporate flavor of this takeover.  I can only wonder what will happen if HasCon tanks and they start wondering what on Earth they did wrong... 

I wonder if Fun Publications is still in business now that it's no longer in control of BotCon and JoeCon... and if the people in charge are either laughing at what's going on or looking on in dismay.  I know I'm doing a mix of both here...

Art Feature -- Moths

tropical swallow tail by drachenmagier
Lymantria dispar by Dark-Raptor
Daily Paint 1635. Happy Moth-er's Day by Cryptid-Creations


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