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Tales From the Shelves -- my book-sporking blog  Now sporking Revealing Eden!

Looks like the entire movie meme got guessed this time around.  :D  That's kinda rare, usually I end up with at least two or three that go unguessed.  Then again, I went with a lot of Star Wars movies on this meme.  I seriously thought I'd watched and liked more sequels when I started the meme.  There's sequels, and then there's GOOD sequels, I guess.  :giggle:  (And yes, Cars 2 is on the list even though most people agree it's not exactly a great sequel.  It might have been kinda dumb but it was still fun to watch in my opinion...)

I've set the next chapter of Domovoi aside for the moment so I can work on my contest entry for the library.  The due date is September 17th, which in theory should give me plenty of time, but all the same I'd rather have it done early than wait until the last minute and end up rushing it.  And even if I end up the only person to enter the over-18 category, I still want to turn in quality work.  Especially since I intend to eventually post whatever I write.

No spoiling what I intend to write, but I'll drop a hint -- it's for a fandom I have never posted writing for before.  ;)  And that's all I'll say about that.

So after giving up on the Neal Stephenson book (sorry, but when I'm literally getting a headache from trying to plow my way through a book, it's time to set it aside), I've gone back to my mission to finish up the multiple series I've started over the years, both during my 50-book reading challenge and outside it.  This... is turning out to be a much bigger job than I realized.  There are a LOT of series I've started but never finished over the years.  In most cases this is simply because I've read the first book in the series and decided I had no desire to continue it, but other times it's simply a matter of "yeah, I'll get around to it when my list of books to read is shorter."  But since my to-read list never gets any shorter -- for every book I read I seem to add two more titles to the list -- it means I've left a trail of unfinished trilogies and series in my wake.  ^^;

Since I finally made the commitment to finish what I've started in regards to book series, I've managed to complete three of them -- Patricia Wrede's Frontier Magic (historical fantasy in which magic is commonplace and the American continent is overrun with mythical creatures), Leigh Bardugo's Grisha trilogy (a Russian-flavored fantasy series), and Sharon Shinn's Samaria series (a sci-fi series with a quasi-religious bent to it).  Sadly, however, I've since uncovered a few other series that I started long ago and never got around to finishing.  Though in my defense, one of the series was originally marketed as a trilogy and the author sneakily added a fourth book two decades later.  Dangit, Trilogy Creep, stop messing with my completionist tendencies...

As of today, my list of series to finish looks like this:

The Clockwork Century series by Cherie Priest (steampunk Civil War series) -- 2 books and 1 novella left
Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld (steampunk WWI series) -- 1 book left
Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo (companion series to the Grisha trilogy) -- 1 book left (comes out in September)
The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. LeGuin (fantasy series) -- 4 books and 1 short story collection left
Watership Down by Richard Adams (xenofiction series about rabbits) -- 1 short story collection left
Mick Oberon series by Ari Marmell (urban fantasy series set in 1920s Chicago) -- 2 books left
The Pit Dragon Chronicles by Jane Yolen (used to be a trilogy, dangit...) -- 1 book left
The Dragonbards by Shirley Rousseau Murphy (fantasy trilogy) -- 1 book left
Discworld by Terry Pratchet (popular fantasy series) -- holy geez, what did I get myself into with this one... :nuu: 

Wish me luck, folks.  I'm probably going to need it.  :faint:

Art Feature -- Kraken

Creature Collection: Kraken by ALRadeck
Kraken by GENZOMAN
To never be seen again by JJcanvas


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