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Those who have been waiting for the cliffhanger on Domovoi to be resolved almost had to wait even longer.  Yesterday while looking through my computer stuff, I discovered the flash drive I keep a lot of my writing on was missing.  :ohnoes:  Most of the important stuff is also backed up on my computer, but I had several pages of the next chapter of Domovoi on there as well, and those were NOT backed up anywhere.  So yeah... yesterday got kind of frantic as I searched the house for the drive.  Thankfully it turns out I just left it at work -- I take it to work most days so I can work on writing on my breaks, and I forgot it in my desk drawer.  Phew.

Now I guess I just count myself lucky that a co-worker didn't assume said flash drive was a work drive and give it to a patron to use.  That's happened before, though at least last time all the drive had on it was pictures of library-related memes and such for the work Facebook page.  Still irritating, though.  (Though I wonder what someone's reaction would be if they went to save a resume on said drive and found it full of Transformers and Pacific Rim fanfic.  :XD: )

At least there's good news now -- the next chapter of Domovoi is done!  :D  Just need the beta-reader to take a look at it and then it should be ready for posting.  Sorry (kinda) for the terrible cliffhanger, people, but at least I didn't keep you waiting too long, right?  ;)

Going to work on the Undertale one-shot I've been threatening to do before I work on Magic and Steel.  People who are already sick of this game may want to skip the one-shot once it goes up.  ;)

So despite the fact that there are newer movies out there that I need to see but haven't yet ( *cough StarWars cough TheMartian cough*) I ended up watching an older and more infamous movie yesterday on my day off.  Said movie was Delgo, an animated film put out by an independent studio and made almost entirely outside the standard Hollywood system.  It was made by a small team of animators on a $40 million budget, and tends to be famous for two things -- the creators of the film at one point considered suing James Cameron for ripping off Delgo to make Avatar (which is bizarre because the films don't have THAT much in common), and holding the record for the lowest-grossing all-CGI film of all time (and at one point it also held the record for the worst opening weekend of any wide-release film).  Yikes...

What's Delgo about?  It takes place on a world called Jhamora, where the native Lokni -- a race of lizard people -- live in peace and harmony until another race, the winged Nohrin, come to settle the land and wage war.  The main character, a Lokni boy named Delgo, sees his parents killed by the Nohrin, and so despite a truce keeping a tenuous peace between the people he grows up hating the Nohrin.  Despite this, he ends up befriending Kyla, the stereotypically rebellious princess of the Nohrin, and the two find themselves falling in love.  But Sedessa, the king's exiled sister who sparked the original war in the first place, is still hungry for power, and with the help of a band of monsters and a traitorous Nohrin officer she sets out to renew the war between both races so she can seize the throne.  Delgo, along with Princess Kyla, a disgraced Nohrin general, and his his snarky best friend Filo, will have to find a way to stop Sedessa and bring peace back to Jhamora.

While the fact that this movie was barely even promoted accounts for part of the reason it flopped so bad (you still need to advertise your film, people), that doesn't mean it's very good either.  The plot is pretty clichéd, the characters are annoying (we're supposed to like Delgo but he's such an angry whiny brat that it's impossible, and don't get me started on the comic relief characters), and the animation is pretty lackluster.  I understand this is an independent movie that took almost a decade to make, but still, I can appreciate that a lot of hard work went into a film and still be disappointed in the final output.  I've seen video games with nicer graphics and better animation than this film.

There's an awful lot of star power in this film, too -- Freddie Prince Jr., Malcolm McDowell, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Ripa, Burt Reynolds, Eric Idle -- but it takes more than a big-name cast to make a film work.  Plus most of the actors sound like they're phoning it in or are just bored out of their minds.  Anne Bancroft, who died before the film's release, at least sounds like she's having fun as the movie's villain, though if you're playing an over-the-top villain and you're NOT having fun then you're doing it wrong, I think.  :giggle:

Yeah, even if this movie had been better advertised I don't think it would have done too well, though at least it would have done a LITTLE better than earning back a measly $600,000 of its $40 million budget.  And while it was interesting getting to watch an infamously bad movie, it's definitely not one I'll watch again.  Back to the library video sale it goes -- maybe we can at least get a quarter for it.  :XD:

New journal feature next time.  I promise it won't be Mettaton again.  ;)

Art Feature - Mettaton from Undertale (again)

| M E T T A T O N + E X | by heilei
Undertale: Mettaton and Alphys by cymurri
Mood Lightened Up by AR-ameth


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