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:faint:  Whoo, what a weekend.

So yeah, I survived my sister's visit this weekend.  There were no major fights, the kids didn't break anything, and an overall pleasant time was had.  We played games, went out for dinner, and watched General Conference (a bi-annual event where the leaders of the LDS church broadcast talks live from Salt Lake City) -- nothing terribly exciting but still good.

Sister also brought a gift along for us -- 250 pounds of potatoes.  I'm not even joking about that.  Her family lives next to a potato field, and the farmer who owns it said that her family could go out and "glean" the field -- collect any potatoes that the harvesting machines missed.  The kids actually enjoy gleaning -- they get to play in the dirt without getting yelled at -- and for Sister it means both a steady supply of potatoes and keeping the kids out of her hair for a little while.  :giggle:  Though the kids have gotten super-enthusiastic about it and gathered a LOT of potatoes, and since Mom likes to can things, Sister decided we could use the surplus potatoes.  Guess what we'll be doing the next few nights...

The animals weren't so fond of the kids visiting, unfortunately.  Chi Chi was excited for the first half-hour, then spent the rest of the weekend looking at us with the saddest expression imaginable, as if to ask "are they going home yet?"  Tiger spent most of the weekend outside, while Ezzie spent most of it in my room, though she would venture out from time to time as if doing a reconnaissance run to see if the coast was clear.  :giggle:

One of the kids, my five-year-old niece, did have an encounter with the cat that resulted in the following exchange:

Niece:  *matter-of-factly*  The kitty scratched me.
Me:  *checks her hand -- there's a scratch, but very minor*  Does it hurt?
Niece:  No.
Me:  What were you doing to the kitty?
Niece:  Trying to pet him.
Me:  That's the kitty's way of saying he doesn't want to be petted right now.
Niece:  Okay.  *walks off*

Something about the completely calm, matter-of-fact way she said it just amused me.  :XD:

While Sister and her family were here, I caught a clip of a TV show called The Descendants, which is apparently about the children of the Disney villains.  While it sounds like a cool idea, I'm really not sure how well I like the show.  It seems to want to turn a story about the Disney villains into a silly high-school comedy-drama type of show.  I was hoping for something a little more epic, something like Once Upon a Time.  And Maleficent... I might have some issues with Maleficent's live-action movie, but at least they kept her mostly true to her character, an elegant and ruthless magic-wielder.  The Descendants turns her into a campy, over-the-top joke that's liable to break into song at any moment, and that rubs me the wrong way.

I admit that I only saw clips of the show, but still, it smacks of lost potential to me.  Maybe the book series based on the show is better, though do I dare read them myself to find out...

Next in line for the writing rotation -- Magic and Steel.  Switching back to the Autobots' POV this chapter...

Art Feature -- Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Rainity by AssasinMonkey
Rarity by sererena
Rarity by 14-bis

And bonus Nightmare Rarity (from the comics)
NightmareRarity by Koveliana


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