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Looking for roommate for BotCon 2015 Chicago!  Note me for details!

Still chipping away at Domovoi.  Hope to get the next chapter done this weekend, but we'll see how it goes.  The opening flashback is proving difficult to write, though given that it takes place immediately after a very tense part of Pacific Rim I guess that's to be expected...

Also did some tweaking and reshuffling of my To-Do list.  Added some projects, and shuffled some items around on the "definitely will be written" and "might be written" lists.  Sorry to anyone expecting a TF/MLP crossover, but that's been bumped down to the "maybe list."  And I'm STILL trying to find a workable plot for the TF/Star Wars crossover... one of these days maybe I'll find something...

So... apparently there is a new Transformers show out -- Robots In Disguise.  No, not the anime version with Sky-Byte and Sideburn and the Build Team, which seriously needs more love.  This show, from what I understand, is something of a sequel to Prime and even looks similar in the character designs despite being a different animation style.  However, it doesn't look like many of the characters from TFP are going to cross over to this new show -- the one character I thought was Knock Out is apparently Sideswipe instead.  Bummer -- Doc Knock was one of my favorite TFP characters, and I was hoping to see him return in some capacity.

Also from what I've heard about the show, it has Bumblebee as the leader of the Autobots, which strikes me as a little odd and even annoying.  Bumblebee has always been a support character, and though I don't hate the guy he doesn't strike me as leader material.  Plus I'm just getting tired of Hasbro forcing Bumblebee on us.  We get it, you want kids to buy the yellow car, but seriously, he's becoming a shelf-warmer.  The more you try to whack us over the head and go "Love 'Bee, dammit!" the more you're going to alienate the fans.  Even Drift didn't get promoted this obnoxiously.

I haven't seen any of this show save a few promo clips, but all the same, I'm kind of reluctant to watch it.  The cel-shaded animation is a bit off-putting, and from what I've heard from people who have watched it, it's got some definite quality issues.  I always try to reserve any kind of judgment until I've actually seen a show, since I wrote off TFA at one point and have seriously regretted that decision, but all the same, it's a bit hard to get excited about this show when so far the reaction seems to be lukewarm at best.

Also, can we freaking get a TF show that lasts longer than three seasons?  There was still so much untapped potential to be had from TFP, TFA got tragically cut short, and even the original G1 had its fourth season cut off barely three episodes in.  If freakin' My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic can get renewed for a fifth season, can't we get a TF show that lasts as long?  Does Hasbro just suffer from ADHD or something when it comes to TF shows?

Okay, okay, I'll shut up... expect a review of some kind if/when I actually do knuckle down and watch the new RID for myself.  Though I still have a soft spot for the original RID, and hope it gets a DVD release someday.  Hey Disney, any possible way Hasbro can buy back the rights?  (Yes, Disney owns the rights to RID's English dub... so if Sky-Byte shows up in Kingdom Hearts or something, you know who to blame... ;) )

Art Feature - G1 Ironhide

TRANSFORMERS: Ironhide by kevinTUT
Ironhide To The Rescue by meki22
Ironhide, simple by WaywardInsecticon


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Your thoughts on the new Transformers show, Robots In Disguise? 

6 deviants said Haven't seen it yet but want to
3 deviants said Not my favorite TF show, but it's good
3 deviants said ...wait, there's a new TF show?
2 deviants said Eh, it's okay
1 deviant said I love it!
1 deviant said Ugh, I hate it! It's terrible!
No deviants said I don't like it
No deviants said Haven't seen it yet, don't plan on it




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Thanks for the warning!  I knew it was getting close to that time... see you after Easter!
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