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Camp NaNoWriMo word count -- 25,922 out of 50,000 OMG MOAR POEMS!

Whooaaaa, we're halfway there
Who-oh, livin' on a prayer!
Take my hand, we'll make it I swear
Who-oh, livin' on a prayer!
Living on a praaaaaaayerrrrrr!

Hit the halfway mark for NaNoWriMo, both in word count and in days.  :D  And I'm not even close to the halfway mark of the book.  :giggle:  Though one of the minor characters has suddenly decided to become an antagonist on me, so at least it'll make things interesting.  Also I'm having way too much fun coming up with alien critters for this series.   :giggle:

Next chapter of Domovoi is up as well!  :D  Wondering how long I'm going to be keeping up the tradition of starting every chapter with a flashback.  I want the flashbacks to actually serve a purpose and not just pad the word count, after all...  We'll see how it goes.

No idea when the next chapter of Trials of the Flesh will be up.  Hopefully before the end of the month.  (I know that's not exactly what one wants to hear when a fic has paused on a cliffhanger... :giggle: )

On a fanfic-related note... my brain now wants to find a way to work the Pacific Rim universe into my Transformers: Nexus Point story.  Why I have no idea -- the Jaegers have almost nothing in common with the Cybertronians despite both being robots.  I was hoping to keep this crossover strictly within the TF universes and not drag in a bunch of other franchises.  Though I guess I could always use the excuse of "other worlds becoming briefly connected to the Nexus Point" to write funny one-shots or something.  :XD:  My brain just likes the idea of an Autobot poking Gipsy Danger's leg and going "Your friend here looks a little unresponsive..."

As usual, I put off filing my taxes until almost the last minute.  Given that tax forms have been available at our library for a month or two now, I have no excuse for procrastinating.  ^^;  And of course, I'm paranoid that I screwed something up and will be getting a phone call from the IRS at any given moment.  How sad is it that I took a look at my final tax summary and went "Hey, I'm getting more money back this year than last year!  ...I must have botched something."  Though I am happy about the amount I'm getting back -- it'll be a nice chunk to put into my TFCon fund.

Also found out more about my sister's visit -- she's only going to be here a couple days.  They drive in Saturday morning, will be spending the night, and then will leave sometime Sunday evening.  That eases the stress somewhat in my opinion.  Phew!  I can put up with her and the kids for thirty-six hours, I think.

Thanks to TV Tropes, I've found yet another website to fritter away my time on -- the SCP Foundation.

As far as I can tell, the SCP seems to be an extensive, collaborative creepypasta project.  The basic "story" behind it, according to the website, is this:

Operating clandestine and worldwide, the Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major national government with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. These anomalies pose a significant threat to global security by threatening either physical or psychological harm.

The Foundation operates to maintain normalcy, so that the worldwide civilian population can live and go on with their daily lives without fear, mistrust, or doubt in their personal beliefs, and to maintain human independence from extraterrestrial, extradimensional, and other extranormal influence.

Essentially the SCP website is a vast library of stories, case files, and databases about this organization, the strange objects and entities they've discovered and have tried to study and keep under control, and various organizations that either cooperate with, or fight against, the SCP.  Much of it is told in an analytical way, which helps keep it from being too horrifying even when it's describing something especially weird or freaky.  And yes, it makes me want to write something to contribute to the site.  Though I'd like to read more of what it has to offer before I attempt it...

Site is here if you're curious --

Nothing much else to report, so... have a new journal feature.  Yes, I still love this movie.  ;)

Art Feature -- Fan-created Kaiju from Pacific Rim

Kaiju by wasurah

Neo Kaiju by NeoArtCorE

Pavise by GuthrieArtwork


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Is anyone interested in seeing some information posted about the characters/alien races of my upcoming book, "The Sword of Glass?" 

18 deviants said Yes! :excited:
3 deviants said I wouldn't post it on DA -- too much chance of it being stolen
1 deviant said Meh... not really




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:icongirladrencodephoenix:… - Just a short comic that I thought you'd find amusing. =D
kenyastarflight 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
:rofl:  That's priceless.  
TechnorganicSoul 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I just wanted to say that your stories are AMAZING. Seriously. So is your art!
You truly have a vast amount of talent in you. I'm glad that I stumbled across your account. :)
kenyastarflight 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, thank you.  :)  I'm glad you liked my stories.  I'm not so fond of my art -- I suck at drawing -- but if you enjoyed it then I'm glad.

Incidentally, how did you stumble across my account?
TechnorganicSoul 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
On FanFiction. I was browsing the Cars crossovers archive and found both The Unexpected Rookie and The Gathering Storm. I loved those to death, so I found more of your stories on your profile. They were so awesome that I couldn't resist reading them. So yeah, that's how. :)
No, you don't stink at drawing; in fact, I think it's better than my drawings of Transformers. ;)
Is it alright if I share your "Magic and Steel" fic? :D
kenyastarflight Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
With who?
With someone on Twitter named MrSeanDisney.
kenyastarflight Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sure.  Just send them a link.
(1 Reply)
Dracunnum Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fav ! :thanks: 
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