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The 50 Book Challenge -- Check it out for reviews and suggestions!  :library: 

Tales From the Shelves -- my book-sporking blog  Now sporking Revealing Eden!

Yes, fellow grammar Nazis, there's a missing punctuation mark up in the journal title.  I left it out on purpose so I could fit the entire thing in without chopping off a letter.  Dang length limits...

Okay, things to get done this week:

Bullet; Red  Post for the sporking blog.  I've been putting this off because the latest chapter of Revealing Eden is just so BORING.  To be perfectly honest, once you get past the outrageous premise and the failures of logic, this book is really freaking boring.  One common mistake a lot of amateur writers make is including every.  Single.  Detail.  When they write a story.  There ARE some things you can skip over, people... 

Bullet; Red  Next short story for the collection.  I'm not anticipating this one to be very long, but we'll see what happens.  (On a related note here, I just realized that the central story to this collection and the one I wanted to name the collection after -- The Platypus War -- has an obvious political slant to it if you look at it closely.  I don't want to write this story to preach a point, but simply to entertain... and I'm afraid if I publish it, it'll come out as preaching about a political opinion.  Do I tweak it to exclude any possible politics, or just write it out and include a disclaimer of some kind?  Something to chew on...)

Bullet; Red  Pictures posted of the BotCon loot.  Yeah, I've been promising this one for a few months now... Sweating a little...  This weekend!

So I'm going to gripe a moment... about a Disney movie of all things. 

Yes, folks... I think I just might have jumped ship to the anti-Frozen camp.  I know, blasphemy, I call myself a fan of Disney but don't like their most popular animated feature even though I loved it when it first came out.  And no, I'm not going to go back and edit the Frozen references out of Magic and Steel because of this.  Pabbie's staying in the story -- he struck me as one of the more intelligent characters in the movie anyhow, even if most of the rest of the world wants any mention of the trolls excised from the movie for whatever reason.  (Hey, their musical number was cute...)

I did enjoy Frozen... the first little while.  It had good songs, great animation, and a story that, while way off the original Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Snow Queen, at least tried to break out of the tried-and-true Disney mold.  But two years later, Frozen is STILL being pushed into our faces.  Disney is marketing the ever-loving heck out of this movie, foisting merchandise and tie-in books and even a mini-sequel in the form of Frozen Fever on us.  They're tearing down a beloved ride at EPCOT in order to make room for a Frozen-themed ride (this when EPCOT is the one Disney park where rides and movie tie-in exhibits aren't meant to be the main focus), and "Let It Go" has become so overplayed that it's even spoiled Wicked for a lot of people due to both musicals starring Idina Menzel in similar roles ("Let It Go" has even been called a cheap knock-off of "Defying Gravity" from Wicked.)

Normally I don't stop loving something just because it's become popular -- Star Wars is hitting a resurgence in popularity right now and I still love it.  But in the case of Frozen, it's become so obnoxious and in-your-face that I'm just sick of it.  And it's sad that it's being relentlessly marketed while other and arguably better Disney films like Big Hero 6 fall through the cracks.  Seriously, I want Big Hero 6 action figures and tie-in comics, but no, it's Frozen that gets all the attention.  Roll Eyes

Look at me, I'm becoming a cranky fan whiner.  Giggle  Seriously, I just want the movie to fade in popularity for awhile.  Maybe once Finding Dory or the second Incredibles movie come out Frozen will have run its course and we can all laugh about the hype later.  We can only hope, I suppose...

Finished reading a few books on my 50 Book Challenge list this weekend -- I'm often reading a few books at once, and just happened to finish two of them close to the same time and the third in one day.  One of them happened to be Richard Adams' Watership Down, which most people know as a rather dark and polarizing animated movie.  It's made several "darkest animated movies of all time" or "most traumatizing movies for kids" lists, probably because people expect a movie about rabbits to be cute and fluffy instead of bloody and dark.  :XD:

Having finished the book, I have to say that either the creators of the movie decided to make it even darker, or its reputation is exaggerated.  Yes, this isn't a little kids "fluffy bunny" story, but it's not exceptionally bloody or gory either.  It's more along the lines of Erin Hunter's Warriors books, about the wild cats, and it makes me wonder if Watership Down didn't inspire those books.  The rabbits of Watership Down aren't cute and cuddly kids' characters -- they embark on an epic journey, have their own culture and legends and mythology, and even fight and kill one another.  Despite the movie's reputation, however, the book has relatively few "onscreen" deaths, and while it's not shy about characters coming to blows or being wounded, it doesn't describe the gore in great loving detail like some authors I could mention.  *cough Terry Goodkind cough*

If you don't mind your xeno-fiction with a bit of a darker, epic side, or if you're a fan of Erin Hunters Warriors, Seekers, or Survivors series, give Watership Down a shot.  It's a GOOD book.  Now I'm wondering if I should see the movie or not, hehe...

Speaking of dark animated stuff, I'm pondering buckling down and watching Neon Genesis Evangelion one of these days.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad of an idea is this?  I know it's a violent and symbolism-heavy show, and has been described as "just a giant robot anime in the same way Twin Peaks was 'just' a cop show."  But am I getting myself into something I can't handle?

Art Feature -- Mufasa from The Lion King

Look at the stars by TsaoShin
I Promise You by daanzi
Mufasa by anniosika


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What's your favorite Tolkein movie? 

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