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Yeah, it's been a week since the last journal entry.  Had a busy weekend, and I was going to post about the Boise Library Comic Con on Monday but our Internet went down for most of the day.  You don't realize just how much you depend on and/or are addicted to the 'Net until it goes kaput on you, I guess.  :giggle:  Even my mom was frustrated about it.  "Oh, I have this great recipe I want to try... aw dangit, it's on Pinterest!"  Or "What's on TV tonight, someone go check... wait, the TV guide is online.  Guess we watch a movie..."

So... Boise Library Comic Con.  It was fun.  Not quite as fun as BotCon or Fandemonium, but being that it's a free event that was trying to cater to families and the general public as well as the "nerd and geek" crowd, I can't complain.  ;)

Getting there was a bit of an embarrassment, though.  I don't drive in Boise often, and I quickly found that the directions I'd gotten from Google Maps were useless.  So I pulled into the parking lot of the first business I could -- an art museum -- and asked the lady at the front desk if she could give me direction to the library.  She just smiled and said "Right over there" and pointed across the street.  :blush:

What makes it even worse is that, not only was there a crowd lined up outside the doors waiting to get in -- an obvious sign -- but the Boise Library has the word LIBRARY! displayed right on the side of the building.  Just like that, too -- all caps and with an exclamation point at the end.  I wanted to melt into the floor in embarrassment.  ^^;  Thankfully the lady at the museum didn't make fun of me for it, and it's actually pretty funny looking back at it.

The event itself was pretty fun.  They had one room that was dedicated to activities based on certain fandoms -- the works of Tolkien, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and what they called the Joss Whedon-erse (Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avengers, etc.).  Most of these activities were geared toward kids, such as making your own paper model of Smaug, making beaded bracelets out of colorful "pony beads" (har har), finding out how to write your name in Dwarvish runes, etc.  But adults participated in a lot of these activities too, because why not.  :giggle:  They had a table of Tolkien-inspired recipes, too, and I came home with a stack of them to try out at home.  :D

In the main part of the library were the Doctor Who and anime meetups, which mainly consisted of fans visiting and discussing their favorite fandoms.  I didn't attend these meet-ups, as I'm not a Who fan and I don't know enough about most anime to discuss it in any detail.  I did get some cool photos of a Dalek wheeling its way up to the checkout desk, though, and helped a group of Klingons get a photo of themselves trying to break into a model of the TARDIS.  Good times.  :XD:

Panels were held on the upper floor of the library -- mostly comics panels, such as how to get started in the business, how comics have affected pop culture and the library, and meeting with a few established comic artists in the business.  Special guests included Georgia Ball (writer for some of the My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop comics), Todd Clark (creator of the Lola comic strip and writer for a slew of other comics, including Zits, Baby Blues, Wizard of Id, BC., and others -- another guy joked that when Todd Clark gets sick half the industry shuts down :XD: ), Michael Fry (artist for Over the Hedge), and Shannon Wheeler (a New Yorker cartoonist and creator of the underground comics Too Much Coffee Man and God Is Disappointed In You).  They were all quite friendly, and I enjoyed talking to them.

The convention also had a surprisingly extensive Artist Alley, held in a building across the street that normally houses the library's book sales.  There were plenty of local comic artists promoting their work, several of whom I recognized from Fandemonium.  There were also at least two conventions that had tables at the con, promoting their own conventions and answering questions.  The Fandemonium people were there, and I ended up registering WAY ahead of time for next year's Fandemonium (hey, it's twenty bucks cheaper if you do it early).  There was also a local anime convention handing out fliers, and when they heard I was a One Piece fan they got me excited by saying "We have a One Piece VA coming to our con!"  My excitement deflated pretty quickly when I found out said VA was the voice of Arlong, a character I dislike.  Ah well.

The library itself was hosting a sizable book sale as well, mostly sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and manga.  Because even if the event is free, that doesn't mean they can't find ways to have it directly benefit the library, right?  :giggle:  I did purchase a book, because even if it isn't my usual library I can still support them somehow, right?

My convention haul was fairly light -- at least, light if you don't count the wad of free flyers and business cards I picked up over the course of the con.  :giggle:  Things I actually purchased were a couple of buttons (I need to get a picture of the "convention hat" and its plethora of pins someday), a My Little Pony book I intend to donate to the library, a Transformers micro-comic, a statue of a snowman T-rex (the artist says "it's perfect to sneak into your grandma's Christmas village!"  :XD: ), and the book Dragon America by Mike Resnick.

And since the event was held at a library, I ended up browsing the shelves between bouts of geekery, writing down titles that looked interesting so I could inter-library loan them when I got back to "my" library.  Because that's the kind of nerd I am.  :giggle:

Fun event, even if it's not quite as much of a blast as Fandemonium.  Next year I might let another co-worker go, though -- only one person can take Saturday off at a time, and I know this particular co-worker was bummed that he couldn't go.  He'll enjoy it, I think.  :)

Still poking at writing.  Hope to have something done by this weekend, most likely a new chapter of Magic and Steel.

Art Feature -- Maleficent

Maleficent by Ahyicodae

Maleficent by Annausagi

Maleficent by disneyfreak19

And one in dragon form because AWESOME

.: Maleficent :. by Silver-HeartCrosser


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