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Tales From the Shelves -- my book-sporking blog  Now sporking Hamlet's Father!

So I seem to have a knack for having computers die on me during the holidays.  My first laptop, Jazz, quite literally burned himself to death in December 2014, and was replaced with a used laptop I purchased online, dubbed Gipsy.  And now, Gipsy has officially been laid to rest -- I went to power her up Wednesday morning and got nothing but a black screen in return.  After turning on my Kindle Fire (yay for some kind of backup, even if I'm still not used to tablets) and Googling the problem, I went through every single troubleshooting tip I could find that didn't involve actually taking the laptop apart.  No dice.  And the dudes at one of our local computer shops confirmed it -- she's dead, Jim.

Argh... maybe I was just spoiled by having Jazz last me six years (which made him freaking geriatric by the time he quit working, since the HP Pavilion laptops had notoriously short lifespans from what I hear), but it's frustrating to have a computer quit working after only two years.  Though I did buy the thing used, so it was already partway through its lifespan to begin with.  Gipsy had a good run with me, at least, and served me well for those two years.  Rest in peace, old girl.

So yesterday, after the repair guys declared her DOA, I went computer shopping.  Dang, laptops have gotten both tiny and expensive over the years... and is it me or has Best Buy turned into a freaking car dealership?  They show you a basic computer and then try to sell you add-ons -- "For X amount of dollars we can add Microsoft Office!  For X amount we can throw in a Geek Squad membership!  Sign up for our credit card and get no interest for six months!"  In the end I finally just bought a new Acer laptop from the same repair shop that laid Gipsy to rest, and they even performed an "organ transplant" of sorts free of charge -- transferring my old files over from Gipsy, whose hard drive at least was still intact.

(On a side note -- turns out one of the tech guys at the computer shop is a voracious reader, and we spent the hour it took for the file transfer to go through talking books.  Turns out he's an Orson Scott Card fan, so I blew his mind regarding Hamlet's Father.  :giggle:  I may have to investigate Ender's Game one of these days, even if the aforementioned Hamlet book gave me a bad taste in my mouth...)

The new laptop has been dubbed Deckerd, after the main mecha character from the anime Brave Police J-Decker.  Yes, still running with giant robots as the theme, even if I'm branching out from Transformers.  ;)  And he is a freaking GORGEOUS computer.  A bit big -- 17-inch screen as opposed to Gipsy's 15, which means I need a bigger laptop bag -- and I'm still getting used to the keyboard layout, but I'm still plenty satisfied with my purchase.  

Now to decide what to do with Gipsy.  There's really no sense in keeping her if she's inoperable, I suppose... I guess I go back to Best Buy and give her to their recycling program, unless there's someone out there willing to buy a dead HP laptop for parts...

In the meantime, time to get back to work on Magic and Steel.  And finish Christmas prep.  And try to survive the roads out here when we've been having freaking freezing rain for over twenty-four hours... :ohnoes:

Art Feature -- Spiderman

 Spidey VS. The Birds - feat. Angry Bird by fantasio
fancy meeting you by briannacherrygarcia
One of Those Days by Shy-Light


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